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How We Are Different

We are the only company in the world offering a comprehensive server side GUI library (e.g. Java or C# based) for building runtime data driven 2D/3D graphics intensive online application (i.e. RIA: Rich Internet Applications). Our server side GUI framework for building RIA is comparable to the GUI frameworks (e.g. Java/Swing or Windows/VB++) for building local/desktop GUI applications.

Why no one else is offering such server-side Java GUI framework? Not for lack of trying. Many including Google/GWT, BEA/htmlKona and members of Open source community tried but failed to create a satisfactory server-side GUI library. They failed to figure out a way for building a set of Java GUI classes essential for such comprehensive GUI frameworks, so most don’t even believe such comprehensive server-side GUI-API/framework is even possible.

Today after implementing complex application logic for accessing data and processing application data, if an application (e.g. Java or C#) developer need to visually present and navigate the resultant application data/summaries, he has no choice but to either master many HTML5 languages (e.g. JavaScript, SVG, JQuary, CSS and D3.js to name a few) or hire web developers to present few data driven custom GUI components in a simple RIA.

Any comprehensive GUI library must be comparable to the mature GUI libraries (e.g. Java/Swing or Windows/VC++) available for building desktop local applications. Today there are hundreds of companies offering client side reusable GUI libraries (e.g. JavaScript based) for presenting charts, maps or graphs. But none of them offering comprehensive GUI framework for building RIA, except offering a few reusable GUI classes for presenting charts or graphs. For example, any comprehensive GUI framework must comprise basic GUI components (e.g. buttons, menus, lists), component containers (e.g. scrolling windows, frames or drawing areas), and model for creating custom components such as wafer-maps or fail-bit maps for applications for semiconductor makers.

We are the only company in the world offering Java GUI library created by application developers for application developers (e.g. for building complex RIA), while all those companies offering reusable GUI components (e.g. JavaScript based charts, maps or graphs) created by HTML5/web-page developers (e.g. for building simple RIA for web developers). For example, they could allow presenting few charts and graphs in single page web applications, but it is not practical for them to scale, if a single page web application needs to present dozens to hundreds of data driven GUI components and allow seamless collaboration and navigation between the GUI components.

Today even junior programmers can quickly use GUI API (e.g. Java/Swing or Windows/VC++) for building large desktop/local GUI applications, without learning new languages and programming models. Hence we will be offering simple option for Java developers: Use just one comprehensive Java GUI API, which is simple and more flexible than Windows/VC++ or Java/Swing.

Other alternative option for Java developers for building large or complex runtime data-driven GUI applications to deploy over Internet: Learning JavaScript and master some of the incomplete JavaScript frameworks (e.g. selected from more than couple of dozen popular frameworks listed in this wiki-page). Many more JavaScript frameworks went out of style (i.e. made unpopular by newer or better JavaScript frameworks), while more new JavaScript frameworks are under works, which certainly make more frameworks to become unpopular/disappear.